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Our smokehouses offer a wide range of possibilities: you can choose between external and internal smoke generator systems, as well as different types of smoke generation. You can determine if smouldering smoke, condensate smoke, friction smoke or liquid smoke is best for your product. Thereby, a consistent product quality is guaranteed with each drying and smoking process as every system circulates air efficiently. Our RONDAIR closed circulation system ensures environmentally-friendly production. The technologically leading design of our systems enable user-friendly handling and hygienic production. 

Drying, maturing and thawing

With our air conditioning and maturing systems you can control the maturation and refining of your products to produce a consistently high quality. The dehumidification of your product is precisely regulated and recorded by the Maurer-Atmos temperature and humidity measurement system which regulates the circulating air. Uniform air circulation with suitable air quantity is directed to your product and is responsible for consistently high quality results every time. Moreover our air conditioning and maturing systems are energy-saving and environmental-friendly: fresh air is integrated in the energy process and therefore reduces the cooling system’s energy consumption.

Cooking and cooling

Thanks to a special tuning of our systems, we can guarantee a highly efficient cooking process  with low production costs. Our systems are universally applicable for cooking, pasteurizing and showering a wide product range. Even high trolley loading doesn’t cause any problems due to our optional air circulation system and a direct steam injection system at multiple positions ensuring consistent, reproducible quality. Furthermore, we guarantee optimal hygiene with all systems due to the technologically leading design featuring an automatic internal shower.

Baking and roasting

Our baking units operate with horizontal air circulation whereby the air quantity is constantly adjusted to your product. Therefore resulting in guaranteed uniform and reproducible products. Our systems offer a maximum loading and product capacity as the horizontal air flow enables the loading of the trolleys with minimum vertical clearance. Another advantage of our baking units is that the air circulation system doesn’t require baking trolleys with defined clearance between the layers. Thus you can use your existing baking trolleys without any issues. The system’s energy supply also runs very efficiently: set values are achieved very rapidly and, thanks to the optimal cabinet insulation, the temperature will be maintained over an extended period. Short process times due to unrivaled high quantities of the circulating air lead to less weight loss and, therefore, to a higher production capacity.

AllroundSystem ASR

Smoking and Cooking

Our AllroundSystem ASR provides a wide selection of coloring and flavoring for your products during the smoking and cooking processes.

ProfitLine PFR

Smoking and Cooking

If you want to smoke fish, with the chance to alter flavoring and coloring as required, you should definitely continue reading here.

Industrial air-conditioning / maturing systems

Drying and maturing

Please have a closer look at our
air-conditioning and maturing systems. Due
to a special control system, they ensure
optimal maturing and replicable quality of
your products.

Intensive cooling system IUL

Cooking and Cooling

How you can further improve the quality of your products? Our intensive-cooling systems enable the process of packaging of fresh products where by shelf life is increased. Discover more about the advantages of these systems. 

Continuous fish production systems

Continuous fish production systems

The continuous fish production systems are optimally designed for smoking, drying and cooking fish. Would you like to know more? Get further information here

AllroundSystem ARQ

Baking and Roasting

The AllroundSystem ARQ is the perfect system for baking and roasting processes due to their consistent product results, high loading capacities and very low energy consumption. Please read more about our all-rounder.

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In case you are not sure which systems best fits your requirements, our technical advisor is happy to assist you. Also our competent service team is available for further questions and queries. Please read here which advantages our technical advice offers.