Operation / visualization / documentation

Customer contact at Maurer-Atmos does not so much take place at a desk, but directly on the customer’s premises. Due to this direct approach, our long-established company is always aware of what is needed in the market and which innovations can further enhance the usefulness of the systems. As our particular focus is on responding swiftly and precisely to special customer needs, we have set up a striking distributor network who is available on short notice but we have also developed our proprietary software, which means maximum flexibility for the operation of the systems. This proprietary software environment is well suited to our customer’s needs and enables to resolve software adaptations, or even further development very swiftly.

Since 1995, our proprietary control panel “Titan” has been part of the Maurer-Atmos systems and is subject to a continual process of optimization. The control panel “Titan 2” is the current result of this continuous development process and we take great pride in it. 

The possibility of individually adjusting our control systems also benefits the recording of various process data. The legal requirements as to which data have to be recorded in accordance with certain regulations are subject to the various national guidelines. The control systems of our systems are in fact in compliance with all these respective regulations. 

One particular advantage of Maurer-Atmos systems is the redundant operating devices which can be used universally to control various processes. A number of operating systems can be used equally well to control certain processes. This product advantage allows a higher flexibility to work with a very high degree of control over the various systems. Due to adjustable user administration, individual access rights can be set for different users. 

A great advantage is provided by the software of the panels (e.g. Titan 2) which can be offered one to one for Windows PCs. Customers can easily program and operate their systems from their workplace, without having to readapt, and can monitor process data records. Maintenance and control are now even possible by mobile phone or with a tablet PC. 

A small add-on: If you want to read and document energy consumption figures in addition to individual process steps, we will be pleased to satisfy this wish as well!


Variety of products in highest quality

A long company history also means a long history of development. The ever-high quality standard of our systems is today combined with state-of-the-art technology. The result? Have a look here.