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CMP - Continuous Maturing Process (English)

CMP - Continuous Maturing Process II (English)

Automated Systems

PRR | ASR - Smoking/Drying/Cooking (English)

PUR/PKR | IUL/IKL - Intensive Cooling | Intensive Cooling & Cooking (English)

PK | KK - Cooking (English)

ARQ - Baking/Roasting (English)

TITAN2 (English)

ProfitLine PFR

Smoking and Cooking

If you want to smoke fish, with the chance to alter flavoring and coloring as required, you should definitely continue reading here.

Industrial air-conditioning / maturing systems

Drying and maturing

Please have a closer look at our
air-conditioning and maturing systems. Due
to a special control system, they ensure
optimal maturing and replicable quality of
your products.

AllroundSystem ARQ

Baking and Roasting

The AllroundSystem ARQ is the perfect system for baking and roasting processes due to their consistent product results, high loading capacities and very low energy consumption. Please read more about our all-rounder.