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Maurer-Atmos Middleby – Image Video

The long-established company in Reichenau on the lake of Constance offers an insight into their production facility, administration and on-site customer service.

Air-conditioning technology
– Improvement of the process

Total homogeneity of the product due to perfect control of relative humidity and air flow, as well as an optimal room space and height utilization ranging from 2,5 m up to 6 m with full trolley loading.

Maurer-Atmos Middleby – Product Reel

The wide product range offers solutions for the thermal treatment of all types of meat, fish and poultry products. From small-scale to industrial production installations, Maurer-Atmos Middleby provides customized systems to meet customer’s needs.

Semi-Continuous Batch Smokehouse
(BRF – Brazil)

This global leader in meat processing from Brazil produces several types of sausages with a semi-continuous batch smokehouse from Maurer-Atmos Middleby for cooking, smoking and intensive cooling. In this feature the field-proven overhead conveyor system that allows smooth transport of the hanging racks can be easily recognized.

Semi-Continuous Line with Floor Transport

This fully-automated process is used to produce pate and meat loaf in molds. The racks are driven through the Maurer-Atmos cooking and smoking system by means of floor transport system. Alternatively the system can be equipped with transport trolleys for hanging or laying products.

Fermenting & Drying Rooms
(KOC – Netherlands)

This type of cold smoke and fermenting rooms from Maurer-Atmos Middleby are most suitable for the production of halal specialties. The air supply for the production of Turkish Sucuk is controlled in such a way so as to prevent the formation of dry rings of the products.

Maturing Rooms (Astl – Austria)

This popular and worldwide well known South Tyrolean bacon – can be produced by the customer under the condition that the Maurer-Atmos maturing room systems in which it is matured ensures always consistent high, and reproducible quality results.

Maturing Rooms (Schwarz Cranz – Germany)

Even with maximum trolley loading capacity this company from Northern Germany can rely on the maturing rooms from Maurer-Atmos when producing their raw sausages. The 3-channel air system ensures a consistent air circulation inside the maturing rooms and thus a reproducible maturing of the products.

3-Trolley Smoking, Cooking & Baking Unit
(Bigler – Switzerland)

Whether it is the Wiener sausage, crusty roast or belly bacon, the production systems from Maurer-Atmos enable this Swiss medium-sized company an effective processing of their high-quality products. Due to the universal applications of the Maurer-Atmos systems the company can switch the production for their innovative and attractive product range at any time.

Batch Smokehouse for Fish
(Marine Harvest – Belgium)

The world’s leading seafood company and largest producer of farmed salmon smokes their products in Maurer-Atmos systems located in Belgium. The strongest air circulation guarantees consistent product quality with minimum weight loss during drying and smoking despite maximum trolley loading.

Continuous Hot-Dog Line (Scarlino – Italy)

This well-known “hot-dog”-producer in southern Italy produces its popular product on a continuous Maurer-Atmos cooking, drying smoke system (Conti): the perfect system for the production of sausages in natural and cellulose casing, hot dogs, cocktail sausages and other smoked foodstuffs that can be produced on smoke sticks.

Continuous Chicken Baking Line (Hungary)

One of the biggest poultry processing company in Germany bakes their chicken in a Maurer-Atmos continuous baking system (Conti) in their facility in Hungary. Thanks to the direct heating the weight loss is minimal, at the same time the desired coloring is achieved, which ultimately leads into a high product quality.

Continuous Fish Line (Germany)

Smoked sprats and “Schiller’s curls” (smoked belly strips of dogfish) are the globally famous, canned products from this successful company from the island Ruegen. The smoking process takes place in a Maurer-Atmos continuous system (Conti) in which the fish and seafood pieces are placed on grids that subsequently are conveyed through the system serpentine-shaped product guiding conveyor.

ProfitLine PFR

Smoking and Cooking

If you want to smoke fish, with the chance to alter flavoring and coloring as required, you should definitely continue reading here.

Industrial air-conditioning / maturing systems

Drying and maturing

Please have a closer look at our
air-conditioning and maturing systems. Due
to a special control system, they ensure
optimal maturing and replicable quality of
your products.

AllroundSystem ARQ

Baking and Roasting

The AllroundSystem ARQ is the perfect system for baking and roasting processes due to their consistent product results, high loading capacities and very low energy consumption. Please read more about our all-rounder.