If one had to describe Maurer-Atmos Middleby GmbH in just a few sentences, “quality and high performance thermo processing systems”, “tradition” and “made in Germany” would certainly be the most important keywords.  Here we take a few lines more to introduce ourselves, but the fact remains: Maurer-Atmos is looking back at a history of almost eight decades, and a tradition which today is coupled to forward oriented technology which remains of paramount importance. Knowledge concerning the manufacturing of top-quality production lines has been passed down from generation to generation so that today we can claim that Maurer-Atmos is a company that guarantees the best solution with high standards of quality for our customers. Experience bundled with visionary thinking produce concepts for systems that are manufactured at our manufacturing site in Reichenau with the greatest of care for our customers worldwide.

World of know-how

We know how

Please read here how our wealth of knowledge in all fields developed through years of tradition and experience.