AllroundSystem ASR


Wide variety of flavours and colours:

All external and various internal smoke generation systems, such as smouldering smoke, condensate smoke, friction smoke or liquid smoke, are available for smoking.

The strongest air circulation guarantees consistent product quality with minimum weight loss during drying and smoking despite maximum trolley loading.

Minimum space requirement:

Individually tailored solutions can be developed for both larger industrial or smaller trade companies thanks to the system’s exceedingly small width and height dimensions. Building investment costs are reduced considerably.



AllroundSystem units have nearly unlimited production capabilities. These units are universal allrounders, whether the products are placed on mesh shelves or suspended on smokesticks.

Possible processes:

  • drying, showering
  • hot and cold smoking
  • cooking, hot air finishing, roasting and baking

Air systems:

  • Individual fans for each trolley place


  • Automatic interior cleaning


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