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AllroundSystem ASR

The space-saving solution for smoking and cooking.

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AllroundSystem AFR

The space-saving fish smoking system.



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ProfitLine PRR

The industrial solution for smoking, drying and cooking.

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ProfitLine PFR

The industrial system for smoking fish.

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Steam-inject-circulation-cooking system SKU

The space- and cost-saving solution for cooking.

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Universal-circulation system KK

The space-saving solution for cooking.

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ProfitLine PK

The industrial solution for cooking.

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AllroundSystem ARQ

The space-saving solution for roasting and baking.

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Industrial Rooms for Fermenting, Cold-smoking, Maturing and Drying CMP

Continuously fast, consistent and reproducible processes

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Intensive-cooling system IUL

The space-saving solution for intensive cooling.

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ProfitLine PUR

The industrial solution for intensive cooling.

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Semi-continuous batch systems KCS

The production process is performed inline with the semi-continuous loading system, i. e. there is no processing delay between filling and packaging.


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Continuous systems CONTI

The system‘s serpentine-shaped product guiding conveyor is a common feature of all continuous systems.

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Continuous fish production systems DA

The system‘s serpentine-shaped product guiding conveyor is a common feature of all continuous systems.

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Industrial thawing systems ATA

Consistent thawing with high loading capacity. The equipment is designed and constructed with special horizontal air circulation.

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External / Internal smoke generators REZe / REZi

Goliath F (Friction smoke), Goliath CW (Smouldering smoke), Goliath 1 and Goliath 2 (Smouldering smoke), Goliath S (Steam smoke), Goliath L (LiquidSmoke), Friction smoke, Smouldering smoke, LiquidSmoke.

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Control and documentation systems CONTROL


12“ operating controls for SPS control


Siemens® S7

Simatic S7 control with 15“ Simatic panel

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Cleaning systems CLEAN

The cleaning sequence is fully automatic so that time-consuming  manual work is reduced to a minimum.

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Environment and energy efficiency systems ECO

Energy savings and therefore reduced production costs due to the use of a thermal afterburning system.

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Remote-control-App REMOTE

Control your Maurer-Atmos production system via Android Smartphone, iPhone or iPad.

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Cooking Kettles FK

An energy-saving and universal solution for all continuous processes.

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