Maurer-Atmos Middleby perfected
the maturing and fermenting process technology

During an 18-month development stage Maurer-Atmos carefully examined and assessed the processing technology for drying, maturing / curing and fermenting. The analysis covered each single step, with the aim to resolve client’s needs in all aspects. This required further developments for software and some mechanical hardware which were implemented. In particular the software enables a much more accurate and precise fine-tuning of the relevant parameters, which in its consequence result in a higher product quality, as well as a higher performance at shorter processing times.

During the past 9 months Maurer-Atmos was able to install a system for testing purposes with each of six existing customers located in Europe. Due to the new developments which were implemented in these test sites, the customers were able to process their products (raw sausages, raw ham, dried meat / jerky, dried-cured meat products) in a regular fashion after just a very short trial period.

According to statements of all customers that use this new technology, the following process improvements were unanimously confirmed:
- total homogeneity of the product due to perfect control
  of relative humidity and air flow
- optimal room space and height utilization ranging from
  2,5 m up to 6 m with full trolley loading
- precise match of the maximum permitted, or
  pre-defined weight loss values for respective products
- considerable energy savings due to optimization of
  software and hardware
- significant energy savings due to faster processing
- substantial labor savings in case a fully automatic
  solution with the loading and unloading of the rooms
  is chosen.