Future / development

As a traditional company of long standing, Maurer-Atmos can build on a wealth of experience. We regard these experiences in its sum as highly proven technological know-how, which forms the valuable basis for maintaining and constantly improving the high standard of quality of our systems.

But we also have another aspect to offer: a new and forward-looking aspect with a drive for innovative technologies that can optimize the daily handling of our systems and in its consequence the production processes of our customers.

Our special focus in the case of forward-oriented developments is focused on hygiene, as well as energy savings for all areas. Our basic idea is always to achieve the greatest possible efficiency with low space requirements.

We see an equally large potential in the continual development and improvement of our operating panel. The magic word here is “user friendliness”. Thanks to the latest multimedia concepts, it is above all the operation and maintenance of the systems that are to be made easier to operate at any given time. 

Our primary objective is to make it possible to control the complex and sensitive processes of the systems with just a few simple and logic steps. This enhances the efficiency and enables even relatively untrained persons to operate and even carry out maintenance work on the systems. In addition, due to the additional and very extensive automation of our systems, there is increasingly less need for the systems to be operated manually. This also enhances process reliability, as well as efficiency.

Subsequently  this means making a big difference with just a little leverage – each one of our systems is part of our corporate goal.


What inspires us?

How do we think? What is crucial for us? We would be happy if you want to know more about us and our way of thinking. Just continue reading here.