Technical advice / hotline

That customers appreciate competent advice individually geared to their special needs and problems, as well as general knowledge is not difficult to understand. The next question, however, is how this knowledge of the fundamental needs of customers is put into practice, and this is where the specialized advice that we offer at Maurer-Atmos is exemplary.

Our policy is to let ourselves be guided by customer ideas and offer customers what they expect – and beyond. In its consequence the specialist advice we offer extends therefore to all areas.

Whether you have questions about the purchase of replacement parts or are planning a renovation with existing systems – we are there to assist and will help you plan every step. If and when required we obviously offer support with the installation of new systems, from project planning, through the purchase decision and installation, right up to putting the systems into operation. It is important to underscore that far after this stage, Maurer-Atmos Middleby will still remain available to answer questions and offer suggestions at any time. So you will always have a permanent contact who is there to help you, whatever your concerns. 

We are aware that we owe our wealth of experience ultimately to our clients throughout the world, which are in fact the drivers feeding us constantly with new challenges. The advice we offer is therefore based on a wealth of experience and builds on very different processing programs, which means we are very flexible in the support we can give to our customers. This also means that distance is no obstacle at all if there are any questions or problems in operating the systems. The systems leading process control, developed by Maurer-Atmos, allows the networking of customer plants with the network of specialized service partner, and remote control allows technical challenges to be easily and rapidly overcome in cooperation between the customer and the specialized service partners. With regular training courses for all our company’s partners, the high standard of specialized advice is ensured across the entire process chain. In addition, we offer our customers the opportunity to attend training courses so that they can optimize their expertise as well.  

Competent advice from A to Z – from the initial planning through all stages up to the attainment of goals, we are pleased to help and assist you at all times.


International Partners

Our long established company grew over the course of eight decades and is nowadays at home throughout the world. On our interactive world map you can see where in the world Maurer-Atmos is represented.