Our basic attitude? We can tell you quite clearly: efficiency! What does that mean for us? Well, in general terms “efficiency” means achieving the highest possible returns with a minimal input. When applied to Maurer-Atmos Middleby, it therefore means that we plan and develop systems processes so as to achieve the best possible results in terms of quality and quantity, thereby using as little energy and as few resources as possible, reflecting ultimately in an attractive return on investment scenario.

And it also means that we produce our systems solely in accordance to quality criteria’s. We take pride in our excellent engineering achievements. 

What has this got to do with efficiency? We are aware that the quality of a system determines the quality of the products. A Maurer–Atmos Middleby system guarantees product results of the highest quality.  Seen in terms of the overall result, it is more profitable and therefore more effective to invest in quality that pays off with greater product success. 

You can load your system with the maximum product load, for instance, and still rely on the products being of uniform quality, which in turn are produced with a high efficiency and productivity. This takes place, for instance, through the use and optimized control of air circulating systems, which supports very fast process cycle times with a minimal loss of product weight. The result is constant and generates noticeably improved product quality.

The use of our field-proven wireless sensor system is also geared towards efficiency, as it allows a considerable improvement in process control with the shortest possible process times. 

Our interest in efficient and modern technologies is also focused on developments in a further area when it comes to the use of limited resources such as water.
 In the cooling processes of our systems, for instance, water is recirculated and therefore used several times, as it is in our ice water system, where the consumption of water can be significantly reduced by as much as 90 percent.

This is not only environmentally friendly, but also means a cost advantage for our customers. 
The same applies to the drying processes for products, controlled by our proprietary enthalpy control system. In suitable cases, external air is also used for the drying process, as heating up external air requires significantly less energy than cooling down air that is too hot. Excess thermal capacity can be efficiently reused by other plant systems. 
Due to their automation, even the cleaning systems of our plants are more efficient, consume fewer resources and also offer a high degree of security, both in operation and in the processes. 

To close the circle, the operating devices of our systems follow the principle of efficiency. They allow the fast and intuitive handling of the systems, which can be attained even without profound specialized knowledge, and thereby guarantees a high degree of process reliability. Through “team viewing”, specialized service partners at Maurer-Atmos can easily access the system of customers’ across long distances and thereby offer fast and effective real time assistance when it comes to  system related malfunctions.

Efficiency and high-performance is the basic module for all our systems.


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