Attilio Scarlino

Owner of Salumificio Scarlino, Italy

„The automatic loading and unloading feature of the Maurer-Atmos systems have lowered our production cost significantly. This fact in combination with the minimal weight loss has increased our competitiveness enormously.“

Yves Jansens

Plant Director of Marine Harvest, Belgium

„And thanks to the Maurer-Atmos equipment, we can manufacture high quality products, very efficiently, even at maximum loading capacities.“

Katharina Müller

Managing Director of Otto Müller, Germany

„We chose Maurer-Atmos, because their specialized kettles are perfect for our sensitive tripe production method.“

Daniel Miazek

Owner of Miazek, Poland

„We have used Maurer-Atmos friction smoke generators in our operations for many years. Their design feature of incorporating the generator into the smokehouse door offered significant benefits to us such as: accurate dosing of the smoke, very user friendly controls and great smoke flavour.“

Gérard Bigler

Production and Development Manager of Bigler, Switzerland

„We purchased a two-trolley ARQ system from Maurer-Atmos. I can only say our delicate Krustenschinken (crusty ham) turns out consistently perfect.“

Laurent Klethi

Production Manager of Stoeffler, France

„We were so impressed by the TITAN 2 control system that we modified all our existing equipment to interface with it as well.“